Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fantastic Mr Monocle

What fun!

The Telegraph reported last week that VEUK have started to stock monocles in response to requests from young men. Brilliant! wonder if this isn't a simple PR trick (love the Mr Uppity reference!). But what if it isn't.......

Wouldn't it be excellent if our young people caught onto a style of a gentleman - it seems they don't take themselves as seriously as us older folk.

Would I wear one? Well for someone as visually challenged as I a pince-nez would be more the historic fashion article of choice.

Of course, should you be inundated with young men aspiring to present themselves in such a way, there is a company offering high quality, high market monocles, lorgnettes and pince-nez's to opticians in the UK.....I wonder - who could that be?

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