Monday, November 16, 2009

Tornado by Derapage

Very few eyewear collections have a story like Derapage - conceived in the Italian hot-bed of industrial design - Turino, an experimental eyewear collection began its life. Now selling in 35 countries the nature of the Derapage collection continues to thrill.

The name itself describes a daring way to take corners racing a rally car, pushing boundaries - this eyewear appeals to those who want to present themselves as edgy and distinctive.

Chemically cut surgical stainless steel is hand riveted in the same way that cars were built in the 1930s. In fact, the owner of the company responsible for Derapage - NICO Design - Giovanni Vitaloni explained to me that his family have been supplying the automotive trade and therefore understand the technical dimensions of this patented system.

"All the materials and processes, down to the PVD colouration are carried out to exacting standards" Vitaloni explains, "We are not creating eyewear to a formula but engaging the talents and various passions of designers, architects, metallurgists to create the perfect recipe - in the same way we'd create a perfect risotto!"

This results in the most awarded Italian eyewear!

Have a look how it all comes together...

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