Tuesday, October 20, 2009

This season's retail opportunity is NOW.

If you're anything like my mother, everyone's Christmas present has been bought and wrapped already. However, if you're like me - a dash around on the busiest and most frustrating weekend just before Christmas is the norm.

Fortunately there are many sensible people between these poles who are often inspired by store windows as they do their regular shopping.

Many opticians I visit occupy High Street locations, pay High Street rents and rates though miss the retail opportunities their location provides them.

Whilst cases and accessories are not thought of as an optician's "core business" we miss the hook that a great festive window can provide.

Imagine you have been wondering what to buy for Aunt, Mother, Father-in-law etc. You walk past an optician's window - and whilst you have not had to visit an optician so far in your life (I know they should anyway but this is the reality.......) you have not had cause to notice them before.

In the window you see some brightly coloured and attractive cases, chains and compact reading frames that would be perfect for Mum, Dad, the lady who lunches, the executive, the golfer who needs an easy reading pair on the green etc etc.

For the first time perhaps, you enter the practice and ask about the products in the window, receive excellent and friendly service and leave having ticked another box off the Christmas "to buy for" list.

A few years later your arms cease to be long enough and you think about going to the opticians - who would you consider at the top of the list?

I was talking with an Optician in the West End who is not on a busy retail street but was surprised by the volume of cases he sells having placed a simple display in the window.

Of all the things you can buy on the High Street, optical cases and accessories are not well presented or displayed.

Independent Opticians - here is your chance to give people a reason to enter your premises!