Sunday, August 23, 2009

Protecting our children's eyes

We are so paranoid about slapping the SPF50 on our children - but do those of us in the optical field protect our own children's eyes?

Here are handy resources for those needing some patter for encouraging parents to make the important decision to purchase sun protection for their children:

The report that all this is based on...

A recent GMTV article

Leading children's sun protection Manufacturer - Julbo

Yahoo News article

An Independent article from 2007!!

Stay safe in the sun!


Anonymous said...

Well put. Hats are also essential sun kit. Let's face it kids love sunnies and they love hats.

This is a year round issue so I believe school is where these messages really need to come from.

Julian Clarke said...

Thank you for your comment - I agree. Does the optical profession market to or communicate with local schools well?